From roots in emerging markets, Regency Distribution Services provides warehousing, inventory management, pick and pack, and the best tailored customer service. We are one of the best market leaders in supply management services. Our Warehouse Management System provides a unique solution with a personalized touch to your business.

At Regency Distribution Services, we understand your business goals, and find effective, and customer centric solutions based on their specific needs. We do not treat our customers just as numbers, and that’s the reason they choose and stay with us!

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Reliable warehouse storage solutions by Regency Distribution Services.

In today’s world, fast shipping and well managed warehousing is essential. A big warehouse with the best distribution service can do wonders to your business! Our experts give full attention to each item of every high complex order. They handle the chain of responsibility through our well-established carrier network. We have system integrations to dispatch, record and track the stock.

Regency Distribution Services (RDS) provides port to door services to our customers!

What industries do we serve?

Food & Beverage

HACCP approved; we can manage your food packing & distribution.

Retail & Department Stores

Direct to store or into your DC, we are here to handle your specific needs.

Commercial lighting & construction

With commercial grade hard stand areas, or oversized pallet racking, we provide end to end services to our commercial and construction industry clients.

Entertainment, production & books

RDS has been offering warehousing and distribution services to the entertainment, production and book industry for over 25 years.

Unique Situation?

Our Logistic Experts will help you to find the right solution.






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